"Koschei Oakdown At your service" he grinned. "Have we met before handsome?" 


John frowned, a little unsure of how to respond. “Nah,” he said finally, with a wink. “Nice to meet you though! And, thank you.”

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Despite himself, Harry gave a wry smile. “I can see that.” He said dryly, crossing his arms. He tilted his head, just slightly, and gave John a curious look. “You talk about being human as though it’s optional.” He said, interest piqued now that he was…mostly sure this guy wasn’t a creep. “I’m obviously not one of those cyber-things that were here a while back, so what else would I be?”

"Well, not everyone who looks human is human," John smirked. "Such as myself." He wondered how the other man would react. Most human’s he’d ever told had either laughed it off or run in the other direction. But then again, after all the recent incidents with the Daleks and Cybermen, he really wasn’t surprised at their wariness of aliens, no matter the species.

John & Susan getting their heads in the game 



"Of course not! I can always stay a while," John smiled. "So, what are you doing on this lovely planet? Or, what were you doing, before I dropped in?" He glanced around. "I don’t think I’ve been here before."

Susan smiled and laughed slightly. It felt good to see her old friend once again. “Me? Oh was uh… I wasn’t really doing anything.” Susan admitted, a bit ashamed that she didn’t have any interesting tales to tell. “Really? It’s just Earth. Of course you’ve been here.”

John’s eyes widened. “What?” He took another look at his surroundings, before cracking up laughing. “So it is! I’m so stupid.” He snickered. “I’m so sorry, Susan. I must be really disoriented.”

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Andromeda looked at his hand for a moment and then took it and shook it with a smile. “John Noble, it is very interesting to meet you. That’s a nice name, actually. A bit more human, and less loaded with expectations, I should guess. The versions of the Doctor that I’ve met haven’t mentioned you, but then again he doesn’t tend to tell me a lot about his past.” She shrugged, releasing his hand. “But most of us probably don’t really like to talk about the past.”

She nodded as he explained himself. “I thought you smelled a bit human, but the whole scent thing isn’t always accurate.” She looked him over again. “So you’re a part-human metacrisis,” she said with a touch of awe. “I didn’t think that was possible. I mean, obviously it is, but it seems like it would be highly unlikely for everything to fall into place just right for you to actually spring into being.”


"I can understand that," John replied, inclining his head slightly. "Admittedly, a lot of things happened that day. In terms of importance, I don’t think I even made the top ten."

"And yeah, it’s actually quite weird! Especially at first, it was hard getting used to the single heart and all that human-y sort of biological stuff. Very weird. I still don’t really understand how they get along with one heart, but I’ve managed so far." He cracked a grin. "And as for the metacrisis thing, well, that wasn’t all just luck. Some crazy prophetic Dalek decided to mess with fate a little, and I was created in the process."



John shrugged. “Yeah, I’m pretty much fine. The drug didn’t really work for that long, actually. Just need to get some of the feeling back into my legs.” He spun around a few times. “But otherwise, everything seems to be A-OK.” He wondered what Romana had been doing there, anyway. Speaking of which… “I’m John, by the way. John Noble. And I know who you are.” He grinned. “Good to see you, Romana.”

As her name had been spoken, she stepped back, her eyes wide. There weren’t many who knew her given name, she always threw them off with a fake identity - she didn’t want to risk anyone knowing what she was, but then there was him. She kept silent as her mind wondered, searching for the name - but it was a fake. “It can’t be,” she whispered, tilting her head. “Doctor? You’re the Doctor, aren’t you?” She knew he had survived.

John laughed. “No, I’m not,” he admitted. “I’m sort of related to him, though.” He stuck a hand out. “John Noble. Biological metacrisis. Half Time-Lord, half human. Totally brilliant. He cut off his hand, I grew out of the hand, his friend touched the hand, and here I am! It was this hand, actually,” he added, nodding to the hand he’d offered Romana. “It’s a pleasure to see you again though. I have all his memories, so that’s how I knew you.” 

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Neverending Summertime Sadness || @neverdropaspanner 



John considered. He should probably return to the TARDIS soon, but… “Yeah, why not,” he smiled. “That would be lovely. Got any biscuits? I hope you have biscuits. You know one can never have tea without biscuits.”

Artemis smiled brightly, happy that he had some time to stay for a cup of tea. She had to admit, she was reluctant to let him go: she was scared that it was all just a dream. “”Of course I have biscuits John. Biscuits are always somewhere in my house.”

"Excellent!" John grabbed a chair and sat down, expectantly. "Well? Huntress I came for biscuits and tea? Where are they, hmm?" He grinned at her teasingly. "I’m kidding, I can make tea if you tell me where everything is."

Overcoming Sunset || Sick!AU || OPEN 



John rolled his eyes. “Alright, if you’re going to be difficult,” he replied, pointing the sonic at Sherlock and scanning him. Glancing over the readout, he frowned. “No, that can’t be right…” He scanned again. And checked, eyes widening. “No, no, no, no…” he muttered to himself. He scanned again. And again. And three more times after that. Then he finally looked up at Sherlock.

"Why… didn’t you tell me?"

"Do you think that it’s going to be easy for me to tell?" After seeing the man again, would he really dare say it? "…’That hello John, good news! I’m dying!’ " He said it in a joyous tone while being annoyed before sighing. "I might be cruel or a twat at times but this is something I…" His voice trailed off before he went quiet once more.

"I know I’ll die young, but I never figured that the cause would be…this." Sherlock looked vulnerable, one thing he never showed to anyone except him. "You should look for another companion, John. In a couple of months, I’m going to be nothing but a burden to you."

"I know, I know. I understand. Sort of," John smiled sympathetically. "Hey, it happens to the best of us. Look at Stephen Hawking! He’s… brilliant. Really, honestly, genuine genius. I’ve never met anyone like him. Well, except you," he amended. "It just means you’ve got to spend your last days enjoying life, instead of sitting around feeling sorry for yourself." He gave Sherlock a pointed look.

"And there is no way in hell I"m leaving," he added firmly. "How dare you suggest such a thing, Sherlock Holmes. I wouldn’t bail on you again, whether or not you’re going to die." He paused. "Unless you really want me to. I can respect that."


I see.

But I should recognise you then. You’re British, therefore you most likely started off consulting with the British government. You look younger than me, therefore I should have been around when you began. I should recognise you,

You were right about the British Government, although I have aided the Americans a couple of times, and even the Australia Government, once or twice. But I mainly work for the British Government. And I’m not exactly on official payroll, you’d have to dig a little deep. Even then, you mightn’t recognise me.

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